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SAITO FG 90R3 89ccm

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The Saito FG petrol engine is a four-stroke power plant developed expressly for use in model aircraft, combining high performance and durability with low weight. The engine is based on the FA-220 glowplug engine, but features a number of detail modifications, including a carburettor suitable for petrol and an electronic ignition system.


The result is a very frugal engine with lower fuel costs. Model soiling is greatly reduced, and the engine can be hand-started in the normal direction of rotation - no starting equipment required.


Special features:

oOne-piece cylinder / cylinder head: this method of construction saves weight, prevents distortion and promotes efficient cooling. The inside of the cylinder is hard-chromed; there is no separate cylinder liner.

oRinged, high silicon-content aluminium piston..

oRobust connecting rod forged from heavy-duty aluminium, with phosphor-bronze big-end bush for running on petrol.

oHigh-strength crankshaft forged from chrome-molybdenum steel, supported in twin ballraces.

oSpace-saving front-mounted camshaft and cam gears, with steep-rise cam for efficient fuel induction.

oHighly efficient cylinder with pent-roof combustion chamber.

oSimilar exhaust note to that of a typical single-cylinder four-stroke engine.

oCarburettor with membrane pump, specifically designed for four-stroke petrol engines.

oElectronic battery ignition system expressly developed for sparkplug operation..

oRuns on standard two-stroke fuel mixture (e.g. moped or lawnmower mix)


Rec. Prop 
24x10" - 25x12"
Bore Ø [mm] 
Weight [g] 
Displacement [cm³] 
RPM [1/min] 
1.300 - 7.000
Stroke [mm] 
Crankshaft [mm] 
10x1,25 mm
Cylinder Type 
Power [PS] 

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