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Mathea VII

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In 1954 Christoph von Mayenburg established a world speed record with the original Mathea VII. We designed a model of this famous boat by using laser-cut precision and up-to-date building techniques.

The Mathea is an all-wood construction and uses precisely cut frames and stringers to build up a light yet strong hull. A special kind of jig is used to ensure proper alignment of all parts and a rapid building process.

Cockpit and engine compartment can be removed in one piece and give good access to motor and radio equipment. Unlike the original the model’s deck is made of mahogany so that each modeller has a choice between the warm natural colour of mahogany and a scale-like painted deck.

The complex shapes at front and rear end of the cockpit are built up from individual layers and can easily be sanded to produce a perfect surface. A-Tex is used as a sheeting material for cockpit and back rest. The pilot’s seat is upholstered with foam and synthetic leather. Suitable pilots are available from various manufacturers in 1:5 and 1:6 scale.

Comprehensive building instructions in the typical aero-naut style explain the individual building steps with graphics and text so that expert and novice alike will be able to achieve a satisfying result.

The kit contains:

Laser-cut birch and mahogany ply parts, obechi for compound curves, prop shaft, aero-naut jig for proper alignment, photo-etched parts for cockpit instruments, steering wheel etc. and comprehensive building instructions.

Recommended parts

Racing Prop 33 or 36 mm

KIRA 600-24 (Kontronik)
KOBY 90 LV water-cooling
2 x 3s LiPo, 2000 mAh
Order No. 7153/53 or 7153/54




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