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Scarlet Elektrosegler

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Scarlet is a powered thermal soarer with a wingspan of 3000 mm. The wing consists of balsa-skinned polystyrene foam cores, with an integral carbon spar, while the winglets are moulded GRP items. The wing airfoil is a combination of MH - 30, SD und RG 7037 / RG 14.5.


The model's modern wing planform ensures that it offers excellent flying characteristics and extreme stability over its full speed range. With a modern RC system it is possible to operate the wing control surfaces in many combinations such as butterfly (crow) mix, superimposed ailerons and deflected ailerons as airbrakes.


The model is a development of the Noemi, our popular electric-powered glider, Order No. 1309/00.


The kit contains:

Carbon-reinforced GRP fuselage, GRP canopy, three-part balsa / styrofoam wings, film-covered (Oracover), carbon V-tail coupling, comprehensive building instructions and plan, decal sheet.


Wing loading [g/dm²] 
Weight [g] 
Length [mm] 
Wingspan [mm] 
RC functions 
elevator, ailerons, rudder, air brakes, motor control

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