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SHK-Segelflugmodell kit with wooden wings

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The SHK was based on the single-seat aerobatic Standard Austria, designed by Ruediger Kunz in 1958. In 1965 the Standard Austria was redesigned in the German Schempp-Hirth factory in Kirchheim (S-H-K) with the help Klaus Holighaus. The new version had a wing span of 17 m and a retractable landing wheel. From 1967 the SHK-67 were equipped with a brake parachute in the rear fuselage.

This model is a rendition of the SHK, factory number 27, which was stationed in Uebersberg near Reutlingen for some time and is built to 1:4.25 scale from plans provided by Schempp-Hirth.


The model comes with a GRP fuselage, a vacuum formed canopy and parts for the cockpit interior. The tail section can be detached for access to the V-tail´s control mechanism.


The wing section is a modified S 4233 and the wings have a built-in washout, which improves overall handling as well as thermal soaring qualities.

The SHK is a good natured and well balanced sailplane which is ideal for thermal soaring and medium slope soaring conditions. A retractable landing wheel and tow line release are available as accessories.


The model is available in two versions.


Order-No. 1125/00 comes with almost ready to cover obechi-sheeted foam wings. The V-Tail consists of balsa-sheeted foam parts to reduce weight. The wings have been cut out for servo and spoiler installation.


Order-No. 1125/01 comes with laser cut parts for wings and V-tail. The popular aero-naut building jig makes building easy and accurate. Sheeting material for wings and V-Tail is high-quality obechi veneer, precisely laser-cut for easy building. A special fabric glued to the back of the veneer as reinforcement makes handling easy.




The kit contains:

High-quality GRP fuselage with detachable tail section, vacuum-formed canopy with frame, wing mounting material, aluminium spoilers, wing locks, miscellaneous plywood and balsa parts, small-parts bag and decals. Depending on the version the kit includes obechi-sheeted foam wings and balsa sheeted V-tail or laser-cut parts, pine and balsa stock for conventional built-up wings. Detailed building instructions will help you build this beautiful sailplane.


Wingspan [mm] 
Length [mm] 
Weight [g] 
Wing area [dm²] 
Wing loading [g/dm²] 
Wing profile 
Selig S4233 mod.
RC functions 
elevator, ailerons, rudder, air brakes, retractable landing gear, tow coupling

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