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Lili Sail boat

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Lili is a small and pretty sailing boat for two-channel radio. With its vacuum formed hull and the precise laser-cut parts it is an ideal model for beginners in the model sailing hobby.

Laser cut-parts make the model very easy to build. The built-up cockpit uses mahogany and birch-ply parts and is fitted into the deck in one piece. The mast position is laser-cut into the deck as well as the planks, which gives the boat a scale-like appearance.

The kit includes all parts necessary to build the model: vacuum formed hull, laser-cut birch-ply and mahogany parts, laser-cut sails and many details like winches, pulleys, blocks etc. Even ballast and a boat stand are included. A comprehensive building manual with 3D graphics and step-by-step instructions make building easy for beginners and less experienced modellers.


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