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The full-size Pixie was built by Paul H. Poberezny in the USA in the late 1960s, and was a development of his earlier Parasol "LN". It was produced as an Experimental class machine in accordance with the regulations of the EAA. It was widely built due to its very simple structure and excellent flying characteristics - it was powered by just a 60 BHP engine - and remains popular to this day.


The original machine is on display in the EAA Air Museum Foundation. Our semi-scale model offers the same flying characteristics, and is quick and straightforward to build thanks to the GRP fuselage with integral cabane, ready-made built-up wing panels and other wooden, plastic and metal accessories. Most of the model?s components are either ready-made or highly pre-fabricated, and as a result the kit can even be recommended to the beginner to modelling.


Kit contents:


Plan and comprehensive building instructions, white GRP fuselage with integral cabane, ABS cowl and wheel spats, aluminium undercarriage unit, ready-made wing and tail panels, wheels and accessories.


Wingspan [mm] 
Length [mm] 
Weight [g] 
Wing area [dm²] 
Wing loading [g/dm²] 
RC functions 
elevator, ailerons, rudder, motor control

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