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Premiant Elektrosegler

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Premiant can be described as a docile electric-powered glider, designed for wind speeds of no more than 4 m / sec. With its modified E 393 wing section the model is also capable of flying quite slowly whilst remaining easy to steer, with the result that it is also a fine choice for the complete beginner.


This airfoil makes the machine capable of exploiting the smallest thermal, giving you the chance to enjoy really protracted soaring and gliding flights.


The model is supplied largely factory-built and covered; all you have to do is install the power system and receiving system, and - if desired - the optional airbrakes.


Wingspan [mm] 
Length [mm] 
Weight [g] 
Wing area [dm²] 
RC functions 
elevator, ailerons, rudder, air brakes, motor control

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