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SAITO - a name with tradition

It was in the 1970s as aero-naut began to realize that engines from a small manufactory in Japan hold a huge capability for model builders. Thus a strong partnership between aero-naut and Saito has been established which today is still one of the important supports for both companies.


At first model steam engines have been imported to Europe. When the first model engine FA-30 had been released in the late 1970s, aero-naut was one of the first Saito partners worldwide to offer this engine to customers.


So supply the European market aero-naut has established a Service department in Reutlingen (Germany) where engines are beeing repaired. A huge spare parts stock for a quick supply is self-evident.


SAITO and aero-naut - a track record!

SAITO company history

1959 Saito Seisakusho was organized a private limited company. First focus was on model steam engines
1961-1972 Continous extension of the plant. The production of model aircraft accessories started
1974 aero-naut became exclusive partner in Europe
1979 First 4-Stroke-Engine in production
1981 SAITO held 30 empployees
1986 First 5-Cylinder star-shaped engine (53cc) in production
1990 FA60T world's smallest horizontal opposed two-cylinder four-cycle engine (10cc) was completed
2006 SAITO Seisakusho private limited company was incorporated into Saito Seisakusho Company Limited
2007 Founder Gen Saito passed away at the age of 86
2009 SAITO launched the world's smallest four-cycle gasoline engine (FG14) for model aircraft. Further modes with 36cc, 20cc and 14cc should follow
Nov. 2009 SAITO celebrates the 50th anniversary

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