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Company history

1922 Master joiner Alois Eggenweiler founds a carpenter's shop
1924 Movement to a bigger workshop where the headstone of model building has been created. A neigbourhood school has been the first customer for materials
1933 Delivery of the first model kits to schools all over Germany
1936 The first model shops opened and became customers of Eggenweiler
1939 Development of the "model department" at Eggenweiler
1946 Expansion in furniture manufacturing after WW II
1950 First company with ayous wood in an industrial manufacturing process
1954 First participation of the "International Toy Fair" in Nuremberg
1966 New construction of today's company facilities in Reutlingen
1977 First 4c printed catalogue has been released
1983 "Model of the Year" Award for the sailplane "Stratos"
1996 aero-naut was the first to bring models online
2000 "Model of the Year" Award for the electric glider "Powerfly"
2004 50. participation at the "International Toy Fair"
2007 "Model of the Year" Award for the EDF jet "Blade 2"
2009 55. participation at the "International Toy Fair"
2012 aero-naut turns 90 - and sponsors 90 schools in Germany with free airplane models
2014 60. participation at the "International Toy Fair"

aero-naut since 1922